Case Study for Cash Flow/Working Capital – £250k Unsecured Business Loan solution over 5 years

In this case, our client, a local supplier of low-energy windows and doors from Europe’s largest suppliers, had secured its biggest ever contract valued at £1,600,000.

The company in the previous year achieved a turnover of just £1,000,000; so it was desperate not to let cash flow ruin its expansion endeavours.
Time was of the essence for the client and we provided an instant solution by securing an £250,000 unsecured business loan over an affordable monthly repayment schedule over 5 years.

This was achieved with speed and to the time requirements for the client. Pay-out of £250,000 from application was a mere 10 days!

Our client is now on course for a turnover for the forthcoming year of nearly £4,000,000 due to further secured continual contracts from the same customer and naturally has requirements for further cash-flow and working capital solutions from us..

Look no further than N & T Consultants Ltd to help your business with cash-flow or working capital funding.

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