Disaster Recovery

Anyone who builds and puts out a business knows the risks they are taking. Even for seasoned business owners, risks are still constant. Many experienced businesses will know that a disruption in their operations – whether the said disruption is external or internal- can cost the business loss of income and possible closure.

To prevent such a scenario, business owners at any stage are encouraged to consider Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery measures to protect their business and employees in an event of a disaster. Some disasters can be considered accidents while others are preventable.

For those incidents that can be classified in the latter, it is best that the business should create and implement its own Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans and practices to cope with such events.

Asset protection is the core of any Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery programme and it covers a significant area of safeguarding the business from future harm.

Business owners have tools to consider in an effective Business Protection/Disaster Recovery Plan:

  • Cross Option Agreements
  • Company Wills
  • Business Lasting Power of Attorney

N & T have a strategic partnership with a 25 year experienced company, which has worked across all different sectors; assisting Business Owners by arranging the most tax-efficient strategies should the worst happen.

Their mission is to ensure that you and your business enjoy continuity and succession

Take advantage of a full comprehensive review without any obligation or cost call us on 0333 5777 220 for an appointment.

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