Commercial Mortgages

For many potential borrowers, a commercial mortgage loan is a different can of worms and some do not consider it as a potential business financial tool.

In reality, a commercial mortgage loan has been a great tool particularly for businesses and their owners. Often business take this specific loan as mean to expand their businesses or start one. This loan is also applicable for businesses who wish to acquire a property meant to be tied to the business. In some cases, commercial mortgages are a great mechanism for firms looking to buy their own premises, invest in commercial property or entire businesses (competitor or not).

Unlike other loans, commercial mortgages loans are long-term. This loan can also be used to re-mortgage and release equity from an existing property or property portfolio.
For property developers, it is another financial tool to receive funding.

Whatever your reason for seeking a commercial mortgage, N & T can help. Whether your business is looking to purchase its own premises, looking to re-mortgage and release equity from an existing property, to change lenders to obtain a better rate or looking to invest in commercial property.
Due to the vast number of different commercial mortgages on the market, finding the most suitable one can be difficult. N & T, specialise in finding the best commercial mortgage for your business’s needs. In some cases, the right product is only available via brokers, whom we also have access too.

So, you can be confident that you will always get the best deal available subject to your circumstances and lender underwriting.

Case study

Case Study for Commercial Mortgage

Our existing client reached out to us once again to obtain a viable commercial mortgage for their well-established public house in Shropshire. Unfortunately, the client was made bankrupt by HMRC. After 12 months the bankruptcy was discharged but they continued to pay into the bankruptcy for around 12 months thereafter. In this time frame, its bank called in the loan on the public house of £210,000. A valuation executed 12 months previously, by a reputable public house specialist firm was some £100k more than that done by the new lender 12 months later. Therefore, there was a £100k shortfall in the value of the public house!

N & T managed to negotiate with the bank and secured a settlement figure in excess of £135,000 only and secured another lender to provide a 10 year commercial mortgage.

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