Cash-flow & Working Capital

Business owners are no doubt familiar with the words ‘cash flow’ and ‘working capital’. These two terms are two of the most important financial terms that operate in a business’ financial and operational environment.

Cash flow is defined as cash or revenue generated by a company or business in a specific time frame whilst working capital is the term for difference between current liabilities and current assets.

If you’re looking for a cash flow loan, you will have to choose which type suits your needs. You can get a secured loan or an unsecured loan. The main component that distinguishing the two is collateral.

Secured cash flow loans must have an asset to serve as collateral for the loan. This minimizes the risk and also carries a lower interest rate compared to an unsecured cash flow loan. Virtually any asset can be used as collateral. For example, jewellery collection, fine art, a yacht etc. Approval for a secured cash flow loan also increases when the business shows steady business transactions or evidence of a future transaction that can cover the loan. In contrast, unsecured cash flow loans do not require collateral; instead, approval of an unsecured is based on the borrower’s credit worthiness.

If you’re having short term financial troubles, a cash flow loan might just do the trick for you. We provide this service and we’ll be happy to discuss how this service can benefit you and your business. You can reach out to us via our phone numbers or our contact form to discuss your financial headaches and guide you to our fast process and quick cash flow loan approval. We provide an efficient, fast, no cost and no obligation when you inquire.

We arrange business loans, whether secured or unsecured, for all purposes but mainly for:

  • Working Capital
  • Property purchases or refinance
  • Leasing and hire purchase

We can also offer solutions where a business is:

  • Experiencing cash flow problems
  • Seeking to reduce overheads
  • Making losses
  • Reaching an insolvent position
Case study

Case Study for Cash Flow/Working Capital - £250k Unsecured Business Loan solution over 5 years

In this case, our client, a local supplier of low-energy windows and doors from Europe’s largest suppliers, had secured its biggest ever contract valued at £1,600,000.

The company in the previous year achieved a turnover of just £1,000,000; so it was desperate not to let cash flow ruin its expansion endeavours.
Time was of the essence for the client and we provided an instant solution by securing an £250,000 unsecured business loan over an affordable monthly repayment schedule over 5 years.

This was achieved with speed and to the time requirements for the client. Pay-out of £250,000 from application was a mere 10 days!

Our client is now on course for a turnover for the forthcoming year of nearly £4,000,000 due to further secured continual contracts from the same customer and naturally has requirements for further cash-flow and working capital solutions from us..

Look no further than N & T Consultants Ltd to help your business with cash-flow or working capital funding.

Call us NOW for Cash-flow/Working Capital solutions on 0333 5777 220, in the STRICTEST of confidence or complete our online contact page for immediate help and a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION telephone consultation or meeting at your convenience.

We look forward to assisting you!

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