Asset Financing

A business is nothing without its assets. It forms a vital component of a business and its operations.

Asset, by definition, covers a lot of things – from suppliers, supplies, equipment, machines, business –related properties, employees and other related components. In many times in its operations, a business needs to acquire assets for its operational needs using the revenue it generates via its operations of providing products or services.

In times of funds being sparse, asset financing can be a helpful tool to help the business run its normal course and operations. Asset financing is a financial business funding tool where the money is slotted to be used to acquire assets for the business.

As mentioned, asset can be almost anything so the scope of this loan is also very broad. A business can use this to secure Asset financing of vehicles and equipment like computers for the office space in the short scale. Asset financing is also workable in large-scale projects like securing an existing building, a plant, a farm or another branch of the business.

N&T Consultants Ltd offers this financial solution to business owners of all company sizes.

We are in the position to offer virtually every form of asset finance that your business needs. We can organise asset financing for you for a vast range of assets to get that new vehicle needed or that equipment that has been on hold for months. We’re very aware that some assets need to be acquired in a speedy manner. Thus, we have a timely process to get the funding examined and approved.

N & T Consultants can help you if you’re business is looking to grow and require a cost-effective Asset Finance facility.

Our team will speak with you to understand what your business requires and aim to give you a written decision in principle (DIP) quickly, to enable you to find out what funds are available at no cost, no obligation.

We can arrange Asset Financing solutions for virtually any form of asset but typically includes:

  • Vehicles
  • Plant
  • Factories
  • Farms
  • Pubs
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Air conditioning
  • Computers
Case study

Case Study for Asset Financing

An existing client contacted us in a panic as his pride and joy – A Porsche GT4 & Bentley Continental Convertible – were repossessed by the finance company. Our client was unable to make repayments for 3 months as he was taken ill and could not work. The marques were actually sitting in an auction in Bristol ready to be sold!

N & T ensured the client kept his cars and secured £230,000 on a finance lease agreement quickly, which stopped the auction house from putting the vehicle and made the client a very happy man indeed!

Call us NOW About our Asset Finance Solutions on 0333 5777 220, in the STRICTEST of confidence or complete our online contact page for immediate help and a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION telephone consultation or meeting at your convenience.

We look forward to assisting you!

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