Property Development Finance

Businesses often own properties that house their operations and make the process of streamlining possible. As a business grows, they began to build enough capacity to expand or improve their properties for future business operations.

If a business has plans for expansion or renovation but the firm doesn’t have enough cash for these purposes, it’s time to explore what a development or property finance loan can do.

Much like a housing loan, a development or property finance loan can help support a business in terms of building or renovating properties for the business. These properties are assets and while an asset financing loan might also work, a development or property finance loan can accommodate a larger amount of funds needed for a larger goal or output.

In many situations, a development or property finance loan, when given, can be a two-part loan. In normal circumstances, this type of loan is used to purchase or reinforce funds for a chosen land or site. Upon the acquisition of the said site, the second part of the loan can be devoted to purchasing the materials for construction of a building or space. Additional expenses like labour can also be derived from this loan.

If you’re looking into getting this loan, we can help. We can arrange and finance the things you need to expand your business- whether it is labour, materials, new builds or conversions for office or retail units. We could also do the same for eco-holiday homes.

Property development facilities are used to fund commercial property projects, such as refurbishments and renovations and are usually offered to experienced builders or developers.
As part of our continued commitment and dedication we will assist in the whole process from A to Z, right through to the exit strategy – paying off the Property Development Finance.

Case study

Case Study for Property Development Loan

An existing client referred us to his experienced developer friend, who required over £2m to both purchase and develop a site in London with planning to build 9 apartments and scope to extend to a further 6.

N & T were able to secure an offer for just over £2,100,000 from a lender, which was duly accepted by the client.

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